90/90 Flow


Blog post breaking down the 90/90 Flow.

Babywearing Option: You can hold your baby in your arms as you doing the 90/90.  For the 90/90 Flow, step up from the lunge instead of moving into a squat.

Points of Performance:

1. Raise yourself up on your knees without using momentum; slow and controlled movements.

2. At the top of the 90/90, pause for a few seconds and then have a controlled descent down to the ground.  Focus on the last inch or so, and try not to plop down.

3. During the 90/90 Flow, when you step the back leg up to come into the squat, focus on keeping the hips low!

4. One side will probably feel easier or more stable than the other!  Pay attention to which side it is, and see how it translates towards other movements.