Ball Taps

Ball Taps with Isometric Hold


Babywearing Option:  Babywearing on the front would be preferable, as you can support your baby's head with your arms as you tap the ball.  Otherwise, having baby on the ground next to you would be the best option.

Points of Performance:

1. Object you are tapping can really be anything, but should be an object that won't move as you tap it.

2.  With an external rotation of the hip, lift one foot to tap the ball, then hop to switch feet; only one foot on the ground at a time.  Think knees out, as if you were kicking a soccer ball with the inside of your foot.

3.  If you feel any leakage during the movement, take note of which rep it start at, and only do that many reps.  Example:  you feel leakage around rep 10, do 8 reps, rest, 8 reps, rest, etc until you complete all reps.