Single Arm Banded Chest Press (+Single Leg)

Single Arm Half Kneeling Banded Chest Press


Babywearing Option: Front or back carry would be appropriate for this movement.

Points of Performance:

1. As you press the band forward, focus on keeping the chest square.  There may be a tendency to want to rotate with the movement.

2. Pay attention to your ribs during this movement; there may be a tendency to flare the ribs upward as you press forward.

3. If you are having trouble keeping your balance during single leg movements, you can place the toe down on the ground to help stabilize you.  

4. Half Kneeling: The side you are pressing with is the side your knee will be down.

5. Single Arm Standing Single Leg: Do even reps on each leg for each arm.  Example: 20 reps = 20 reps of right arm with 10 of those reps on the left leg and 10 of those reps on the right leg.