Bear Crawls (Forward & Backwards)

Bear Crawl w/ Kettlebell Drag

Bear Crawl with Banded Drag

Backward Bear Crawl w/ Banded Drag

Dumbbell Bear Crawl

Lateral Bear Crawl

Lateral Bear Crawl w/ Kettlebell Drag

Lateral Bear Crawl: Banded Drag


Babywearing Options:  Option would be to place baby on the floor next to you, and bear crawl around baby.  For a 25' crawl, sub 30 sec crawl.  For a 50' crawl, sub 60 sec crawl.  Another sub would be to do a farmers carry for double the prescribed distance; example: 50' bear crawl sub would be a 100' farmer carry.

Points of Performance:

1. Starting on all fours, lift knees off the ground so that the shins remain relatively parallel to the ground.

2. Focusing on keeping the shoulders and hips level, begin crawling forward. Steps will be relatively short.  As you crawl forward, think shins parallel to the ground, almost as if you are dragging the foot against the ground.

3.  You can place a yoga block, ball, or some object on your hips to help you focus on keeping the hips level as you move.  

4.  Remember to keep your back flat; there may be a tendency to sag in the lower back as you focus on everything else!