Hip Mobility: The 90/90 Flow

The 90/90 flow is a hip Mobility Sequence we utilize during leg day warm ups.    The flow is a great way to get up off the floor without using your hands; which can be super helpful if you’re holding your baby in your arms and trying to get up off the floor.

We learned the flow from BIRTHFIT, and absolutely love it!  

The 90/90 Flow


Start in the 90/90 position, with one leg bent in front of you with an external rotation of your hip, and the other leg bent behind you with an internal rotation of the hip.  Try to sit with both sides of your booty touching the ground.  

You may notice that one side is easier than the other to sit in this position!  It’s pretty normal, and can help you focus your awareness on your less mobile side.   It may be helpful to sit in this position longer on the side that feels tighter.

Hands can be up, on your hips, or on the ground.   


The next step is to come up on the knees/shins.  You can use your hands to come up to this position, as needed.


Next, swing the back leg around (with as much control as possible) to come into a lunge.  Your body position will rotate 90 degrees towards the front leg.  

You have the option to stand up directly from this position.  This would be appropriate if you’re holding a sweet babe in your arms and trying to get off the floor!


Next, placing both hands down on the ground inside your front foot.  Try to keep a relatively flat back. 


Then, keeping the hips as low as you can, bring the back foot up by your hands.  At first, your hips may lift a lot, but eventually you’ll be able to bring the foot up while keeping the hips low.


Next, drop the hips to come into the bottom of a squat.  


And finally, stand on up!  The next step would be to do this all in reverse.  

We normally do five each side, but feel free to do more.  The movements are slow and controlled; it may be helpful to focus on breath during each movement.  

Here is the flow in action!


The mama in me honors the mama in you  


Gina Conley