Women Supporting Women: 5 Reasons to Hire a Birth Doula

Motherhood is life changing. Whether this is your first, or even your third, having a strong support team is so necessary in ensuring you and your baby get off to the right start. When you’re pregnant and thinking about your baby’s birth and delivery, it’s great to learn about all of your options, and here are a few reasons why hiring a doula may be right for you. 

A Doula is a trained professional that is utilized by a mother before, during and shortly after her childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying birth experience possible. A birth doula will provide continuous emotional, physical and informational support to the mother during this time. Countless scientific trials studying doula care show improved physical and psychological outcomes for both mother and baby. 

Here are a few scientific studies from a series of Pregnancy and Childbirth Trials put on by The Cochrane Collaboration Pregnancy and Childbirth Group, and another set of data from American Pregnancy.

1.      Let’s start with this statistic, one that will likely appeal to most moms! With a doula, the length of labor can decrease by 25%! When you talk to mothers, grandmothers, friends and acquaintances, I’m sure more often than not you’ve heard their birth stories that include how long those mamas were working and laboring to bring their babies into the world. Every birth story in special and unique to each mother, but sometimes it can be really long and hard. With the right support, with a doula by your side, helping you physically and emotionally through the miracle of childbirth you may have a shorter length of labor! (http://americanpregnancy.org/labor-and-birth/having-a-doula/)

2.      The looming “C-section.” Studies have shown that with a doula as a member of your birth team, caesarean rates decrease by 50%. Now let me premise that by saying, I had an emergency caesarean myself and it was a lifesaving surgery in my case. And with all of our doula services, we above all offer SUPPORT. Emotional, physical and educational support will be provided by us because every woman deserves this regardless of the type of delivery she is going to have. A doulas continuous support throughout labor can help mama feel at ease, find different positions to ease discomfort and move baby down and out into the birth canal. (http://americanpregnancy.org/labor-and-birth/having-a-doula/)

3.      With a doula on your birth team, the use of Pitocin decrease 31%. Pitocin is a synthetic version of Oxytocin, a hormone naturally produced by a woman’s body during labor and breastfeeding, which assists in making the uterus contract.  Pitocin is often given to induce labor. When Pitocin is administered to the laboring mother, the intensity and strength of her contractions greatly increase. Because Pitocin is synthetic, the woman’s body cannot respond with its own natural stress release mechanisms and this rapid onset of contractions can be extremely uncomfortable for the laboring mama. While laboring can be done without an epidural, statistics show a greater increase in the use of an epidural after Pitocin is administered to cope with the intensity of the contractions. (http://www.cochrane.org/CD003766/PREG_continuous-support-women-during-childbirth)

4.      With a doula by your side, the prospect of spontaneous vaginal birth increases 12%! Spontaneous vaginal birth occurs when a mama going into labor without the use of drugs or interventions and delivers her baby in the normal manner, without the use of forceps, vaginal extraction or caesarean section. Comforting touch, massage, warm showers, mobility, positioning and presence are all the ways your doula can help you during your childbirth. (http://www.cochrane.org/CD003766/PREG_continuous-support-women-during-childbirth)

5.      Do you know any moms that have felt dissatisfied or dehumanized during their birth experience? Have you even listened to their stories and your heart has ached for them? More often than not a mamas motherhood journey has not been the way she had envisioned. With a doula, do you know that the risk of being dissatisfied with your birth experience DECREASES 34%!!! As a doula we can assure you that we will have tried every option and resource possible using our knowledge and tools to ensure you have as good a birth experience as possible. (http://www.cochrane.org/CD003766/PREG_continuous-support-women-during-childbirth)

Those are just five reasons why hiring a Doula may be right for you, but to be honest, the list is endless. Every woman deserve support through their journey, no matter what that journey may be. Let us help you with your birth experience today.

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-Jessie D