Deadlift for Pregnancy Options

Deadlift Prenatal Trimester Options

These deadlift options are not mandatory; you may find you move through the progression sooner or later. Some moms may still be deadlifting the bar on the ground in the third trimester, and some move to the elevated sumo early second trimester or ditch the barbell all together and sub for kettlebells or dumbbells!

These options are suggestions based on what we have seen with our clients over our time as prenatal trainers.

1st Trimester: Conventional Deadlift. We recommend lowering weights to 70% of pre-pregnancy. Weight should be at an effort level that can be moved with optimal form and without worry of failing. Mama should be confident that she can move that weight for every repetition.

2nd Trimester: Sumo Deadlift. As belly grows, it may get in the way of a closer stance. Widening the stance helps to make room for the belly! Continue to focus on optimal form and confidence during the lift.

3rd Trimester: Elevated Sumo Deadlift. During the third trimester, we tend to bring the floor to us! We elevate the bar up slightly to decrease the range of required motion while maintaining the sumo stance. Many of our moms transition to using kettlebells or dumbbells for hinge movements, as well!

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Gina Conley