Birth Packing List!

You have completed your birthing class, baby shower is done! Baby’s room is ready and now its prep time for the big day! As Doulas we frequently get asked during our prenatal visits what to pack in your hospital bags, and you are not alone in this. Many moms to be are unsure of this so we decided to share here some of our recommendations. The biggest things to think about are what comforts you, what you want your birthing space to be like, and those essentials that will make your hospital stay so much better.

Doulas of Mamaste Hospital Go To’s!

Birthing Person Labor Packing List

  • Pillows and special blanket; nothing says the comfort of home like your own pillow and blankets. The hospital ones can be a little uncomfortable so this is one way to help you relax with the smells and feel of home.

  • Robe; sometimes during labor you go from hot to cold extremes so having a comfy robe on hand can help make that transition easier.

  • Fuzzy socks with traction; your feet tend to get cold in the hospital room so having a warm pair of socks with traction that grips the hospital floor is one way to keep your toes warm and cozy during your stay.

  • CHAPSTICK; or lip balm! Have one or two of these guys on hand because your lips will get very dry during labor and this is one way to prevent pesky chapped lips!

  • Your own clothes; the hospital will provide you several gowns but you don't have to wear them. You can wear comfy pj’s, you can order cute gowns catered to your style for labor, or wear a cozy shirt that reminds you of home. A few things to remember, labor can get messy so anything you reaaaaaally love, understand it might be altered. Also if you’re having a surgical birth you will want clothes without a tight waistband that may irritate incision sites.

  • Easily removable bra; if you feel like having one on during labor this can bring you a little comfort that you can control. A bra that can come off quickly so that baby can be placed on your chest for skin to skin after that little miracle is born. Consider bringing a comfortable nursing bra or tank for when you are leaving the hospital.

  • Energy providing liquids; most hospitals have a policy of only clear liquids during labor. This is where coconut water, gatorade, bone broth or any other tasty energy giving liquids come in. Many mamas also enjoy honey sticks for a quick burst of energy when they really need it.

  • Music; something about using music during labor and your hospital stay creates the environment of home. So load up your phone playlist and let the music play! If you really need to center yourself during labor, bring your favorite pair of headphones to slip on when you need to internalize and focus on yourself and helping baby out.

  • Toiletries for parents and baby; you will likely be in the hospital for a few days so bring your favorite shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, body wash, lotion and other items to make your stay homely.

These next few suggestions aren’t necessary, but can be a wonderful addition to creating the birth cave of your dreams to help you stay focused and feel safe during labor!

  • LED candles; these can be set up around the room to create a nice ambiance and help it feel more like home. Sometimes hospital lighting can be so bright, but the dim twinkle of LED candles makes it easier to be comfortable during your labor.

  • Essential oils and diffuser; we always get comments from nurses about how much they love coming into our rooms where our clients are diffusing oils, or we are applying essential oils during comfort massage. Oils can be used in a vast amount of ways during labor so research ways and oils best used to benefit you. Our favorites are lavender and peppermint because they seem to be the most appealing during labor.

Partner Packing List

  • Clothing; chances are your partner will want to be by your side with you and your new baby so them having clothing for a few days stay is a great thing to have on hand.

  • Pillow and blanket; the hospital will provide these to you but chances are you’ll be uncomfortable enough sleeping in the recliner, may be nice to have these small comforts of home to make sleep better!

  • Phone chargers; you’re getting the moment of a lifetime to take hundred of pictures of the process and birth of your squishy cute new baby. Having multiple phone chargers is a great idea to make sure that you’ll have plenty of batteries to capture alllll of the moments.

  • SNACKS!!! You and your partner will get so hungry and will want something to munch on. Think about energy providing snacks, and be conscious of smells because your birthing partner may not appreciate yucky smells on your breath during labor.

  • Sweatshirt; your hospital room will get COLD. Even if you love the cold, chances are you’ll freeze a little so having a sweater will help keep you warm.

  • Camera; if you intend on taking photos with something other than your phone, be sure to pack this and any batteries or charging accessories you may need.

Baby Packing List

  • Onesies, socks, beanies; clothes to keep baby warm in cozy while they patiently wait to go home!

  • Swaddle blankets; the hospital will provide some, but you may want your own from home to snuggle baby up in.

  • Carseat; perhaps the most important! You cannot leave the hospital without one so bring it with you!

Your big day will come and go with or without these comforts but we hope this helps you get an idea of what to bring for your stay! Having a well-packed labor bag may ease stress and make your even more ready to welcome your bundle of joy.

As always, the mama in us honors the mama in you

Jessie D

Gina Conley