Bridge Marches + Options

Bridge Marches (Banded)

Glute Bridges (Banded)


Babywearing Option:  Place your baby next to you while doing this movement.

Points of Performance:

1. If using a band, attached the band to the lower part of your door or squat rack, roughly knee height.  Press the band directly above your shoulders, and hold in place as you move.  Should feel tension, and you should be resisting rotation in the core. 

2. Lift the hips until both are fully extended, then keeping the hips level, lift one leg at a time.  Keep the knee bent, and move the leg only at the hip.  

3. There may be a tendency to drop the hip on one side as you lift the opposite leg.  Focus on keeping the hips square, and move slowly and with control.

4. If this is too easy, feel free to add a mini-band above the knees to provide additional resistance.