Bulgarian Split Squat


Babywearing Option:  Front or back carry would be appropriate for this movement.  Your baby can sub as weight, as well.

Points of Performance:

1. Place one foot on a stable surface behind you.

2. You can use no weight or two dumbbells.

3. Inhale as you lower into the lunge, focusing on lengthening in the forward leg glute as you lower.  Think about trying to keep the hips square, and bringing that back knee towards the ground.

4. Exhale as you raise out of the lunge, remembering to lift the pelvic floor.

5. There may be a tendency to shift sideways in the torso as you raise or lower.  Focus more on the breath if this is the case.

6. Another tendency may be for the front knee to shift inwards or outwards as you raise or lower.  Concentrate on how your feet are planted into the ground, and this may help with knee movement.