Farmer Carry

Farm to Table Carry   

Front Rack Carry

Front Rack + Farmers Carry

Front Rack Carry - One Sided

One Sided Farmer Carry

Uneven Farmer Carry

Odd Object Carry


Babywearing Option:  Front or back carry would be appropriate for this movement.  Holding your baby in your arms on one side is also an option.

Points of Performance:

1. Hold weights as described in the programming:

  • Farmer: one dumbbell in each hand by your side

  • Farm to Table: one dumbbell in each hand, with one hand overhead and one by your side

  • Suitcase Carry: One dumbbell in one hand, nothing in the other hand.

  • Cradle Carry: Hold a sandbag, baby, odd object cradled in one arm.

  • Front Rack Carry: One dumbbell in the front rack position, with either one weight in the other hand by your side or no weight in the other side.

2. As you move, focus on keeping the torso upright, and focus on anti-lateral flexion (side to side bending).

3. Think about pulling the shoulders back to help engage the upper back to assist in holding the weight.