Dumbbell Clean


Babywearing Option:  Babywearing may not be appropriate for this movement, unless your baby has some pretty serious head control.  Option to doing banded hip thrusts with your baby on your chest while supporting their head with your hands, focusing on exploding up during the thrust.

Points of Performance:

1. Hold the dumbbells in each hand in the hang position.

2. Dip in the hips, and using the triple extension of the ankles, knees, and hips to drive the weights upwards.  Think as if you were about to jump; that is the power position you should begin the drive upwards in.

3. As you weights ride up your torso, pull your body underneath the weights, catching them in the front rack position.  There may be a tendency to let the weights swing forward, as if you were doing a curl.  

4. Ensure your ribs are stacked over your pelvis as you catch the weight; there may be a tendency to arch in the lower back to make yourself lower to catch the weight.