Deadlift Progression


Dumbbell Deadlifts     

Kettlebell Deadlift

Elevated Deadlift

Elevated and Sumo Deadlift


Deadlift Progression:

  1. Banded Good Morning

  2. Kettlebell or Dumbbell RDL

  3. Rack Pull

  4. Elevated RDL

  5. Elevated Deadlift (may be a good option as pregnancy progresses, in addition to a sumo stance)

  6. Deadlift (Sumo deadlift may be a better variation for late pregnancy)

Babywearing Option:  Front or back carry would be appropriate for this movement.  Support baby's head if on front while leaning forward.  Option to hold baby into your chest as you hinge forward.

Points of Performance:

1. Lower the weight with control, inhaling as you lower.  Hinge the hips backwards, keeping the back flat.  Engage in the shoulders as you move with the weight, this will help keep the pressure out of your low back.

2. Exhale as you extend in the hip to stand up, remembering to lift the pelvic floor.

3. Keep the barbell or dumbbells close to the body as you raise and lower the weights.

4. Focus on lengthening the glutes, avoid rounding in the low back as you lower the weights.