Exercise Library

3-Way Shoulder Raise

90/90 & 90/90 Flow

Ball Taps

Ball Over The Barbell (core)

Ball Over the Shoulder (core)

bear crawls (core)

Bench Press (Horizontal Press)

Box Jumps

Box Step Ups

Cauldron (Anti)


Craig’s Special (+ Single Arm Variation)


Farmer carries

Full Leg Blaster

Glute 2 (Lateral Band Walk, W Walk, Single Leg Fire Hydrant)

Glute Activation

Glute Finisher

Hip Thrusts

Horizontal Pulls

Keg Lift (Kneeling & Standing)

Kettlebell Swing

landmine Russian twist

Lat Hinge

Lateral Band Walk

Lateral Ski Hops


Lunge Halo

Med Ball Throw (Diagonal & Wall)

Mini Leg Blaster

One Arm Snatch

Opposite Pulls

Pallof Press

Pallof Press + Rotation

Pallof Squat


Reverse Hyper

Sandbag Cleans

Sandbag Lateral Throw

Shoulder Band Walks

Shoulder Circuit

Shuttle Sprints

Side Slams

Single Leg Movements

Single Side Bar Press

Snatch (Single Arm Dumbbell)

Snow Angel


Step Through

Strict PRess (Vertical presses)

TRX Supported

Vertical Pallof Press

Vertical Pulls

Wall Ball

Core Movements