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Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Training

Join us for our individualized prenatal and postpartum fitness programs offered in a group setting. Be a part of a community of moms with your children right alongside you as you workout. Our programs can be start at any time! Join us for your first free session today!

We offer motherhood specific programs:

  • Prenatal Fitness, that can be tailored to your trimester, fitness level, and comfort.

  • Postpartum Return to Fitness Program, designed to help you recover in the postpartum and meet the daily demands of motherhood

  • Cesarean Specific Recovery Exercise Program, developed to help our C-section mamas recover and reconnect after their birth.

  • And Women’s Strength Programming.

MamasteFit is so much more than just a place to workout. It is a community of moms coming together to focus on their health and well-being. Beyond all the programming there is an wonderful community of women (and some dad’s who tag along now and again) and kiddos checking in with one another, giving advice, offering an ear, and becoming friends. I can’t recommend the place enough!
— -fitness client

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Birth Doula Support

We provide prenatal and continuous labor support to our local families. Our doula support includes:

  • Emotional Support: our certified birth doulas help to create a safe and supported environment, validate your concerns, and create a calm presence for the birthing mother.

  • Physical Support: our physiological approach to birth supports families in understanding the science behind birth. Our anatomical understanding of the laboring body helps us recommend appropriate comfort techniques, laboring positions, and enhance the support of the birth partner.

  • Advocacy: we support the birth you desire, and help your family achieve that birth. We ensure that you are heard, and that you are presented options throughout your pregnancy and labor.

  • Information: we provided unbiased evidence based information throughout your pregnancy and birth to help you make the best decisions for your family. If we don’t know the answer or cannot provide the help that you need, we will find the resource that does.

As my doula, [Gina] literally was the hands that held me up on the day of their birth. My twins are a year old now and I can still vividly remember her presence in my labor room and can say with utter confidence that I could not have delivered my boys’ in the way that I did, had she not been there.
— doula client


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Childbirth Education, &

Spinning Babies® Parent Educator

We offer childbirth education courses based on a physiological approach to pregnancy and birth, and includes the official Spinning Babies® Parent Class module in a group or private setting. Our classes are offered monthly in our studio, and focus on helping the birth partner feel confident in providing support to the expectant mother. Class sizes are limited.

I really loved that this class walked you all the way through pregnancy to postpartum at a level that was easy to understand. The class was really beneficial for my husband. I loved the hands on portion of the comfort measures during labor section and look forward to putting that information to use when the time comes.
— childbirth education client

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