Leg Blaster

Mini: 10 Air Squats, 10 Forward Lunges (5 per leg), 10 Jumping Lunges (5 per leg), 5 Jumping Squats

Full: 20 Air Squats, 20 Forward Lunge (10 per leg), 20 Jumping Lunge (10 per leg), 10 Jumping Squat


Babywearing Option:  Babywearing on the front would be acceptable during this movement.  Provide support to your baby's head as you jump in lunges and squat movements.

Points of Performance:

1. Focus on your breath throughout the movements.  Inhale to expand 360 in the core and to load the pelvic floor.  Exhale to lift the pelvic floor (think kegel) and contract in the abdominals.

2. Pay attention to any lateral movement of the knee throughout all movements.  If the knee is shifting inwards or outwards, focus on trying to keep the knee stacked over the ankle and/or slow the movements down.