Pregnancy Trimester Guidance for Lunges

Trimester guidance is not set in stone; feel free to fluctuate between options to find what suits you as an athlete today. Each day of pregnancy may be different than the day before and how tomorrow will be. Embrace the opportunity for exploration during this time of growth.

Check out our lunge progression to find additional variations that may best suit you today.

Make room for the belly by widening the stance as you step either forward, backwards, or while walking. Drop the weights as balance becomes more difficult or awkward.

If you feel pain while lunging, we recommend seeing a chiropractor that is trained in the Webster technique! Pain is an indicator that something is off in the balance of the pelvis!

1st Trimester/2nd Trimester: Lunges (Walking, Reverse, Forward)

2nd Trimester/3rd Trimester: Wide Stance Lunge (Walking or Reverse)