Lunge Halos


Babywearing Option:  Babywearing on the front or rear would be acceptable during this movement.  Be aware of your baby's head as you move the kettlebell around.  You can also use your baby in lieu of the kettlebell.

Points of Performance:

1. In the half kneeling position, starting with the kettlebell in your chest, rotate the kettlebell around your head clockwise for the prescribed number of repetitions, then counter clockwise.

2. After you have completed all reps on one knee, switch knees and complete the number of reps for counterclockwise and clockwise.

3. Focus on keeping the torso upright, and the ribs stacked over pelvis.  If you feel your ribs beginning to thrust upwards, focus more on lifting the pelvic floor and contracting the lower abdominals as you exhale.  If focusing more on your breath does not help, lower weight and/or rest for a few moments before trying again.