Lunge Variations

Assisted Reverse Lunges

Walking Lunges

Reverse Lunges

Wide Stance Lunge (For Pregnancy)

Elevated Lunge

One Sided Lunge

Reverse & Side Lunge on Slide Board

Single Arm Overhead Lunge

Baby Lunges


Babywearing Option:  You can babywear in either lunge (walking or reverse) with either front or back carry.  Be aware of where the dumbbells are being held in regards to your baby's head. 

Notes for Lunges:

  • There may be a tendency to shift side to side or lean excessively forward as you step up out of the lunge, focus on keeping the torso upright as you step out of the lunge.

  • You can either hold the weights in the front rack position (as shown in the videos) or down by the sides. You can also hold your baby as weight, as shown in the last video.