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MamasteFit: Postpartum Return to Running

Many mamas are eager to return to running or working out after having a baby, but feel overwhelmed with what to do or not do, how to progress or regress, and knowing how to listen to their body during such a vulnerable time.  You've got enough on your plate, let us help you with returning to fitness.

MamasteFit's Postpartum Return to Running Program is designed to help you return to running safely!  This 16-week program includes 4 training sessions per week that can be completed at your own pace! 

Running is a high-impact, dynamic activity, and requires more than just a pair of sneakers to return to safely.  Let us help you prepare your body to return to the pavement through an intentional recovery that incorporates strength training, plyometric, and a methodical process to return to running.

Each session includes: warm up, strength session, plyometric drills, and a running/conditioning workout.  Every session can be broken up into two segments as needed, and babywearing options are available for each movement.  Training sessions can be done at home with minimal equipment or in a local gym.

Required Equipment: 

  • Resistance Bands or Therabands

  • Mini Resistance Bands

  • Dumbbells or Kettlebells (would recommend a light (between 3-5#), medium (between 8-12#), and heavy set (between 15-35#))

  • Stroller (if running with your baby)

  • Baby Carrier (if babywearing)

This program is appropriate for mamas who are at least 6-weeks postpartum and cleared by their medical provider.

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Introduction to Meditation - 3 sessions

A regular meditation practice is associated with improved stress management, nervous system reset, performance improvement, general happiness & ease, and over all well being.

Interested in the art and science of meditation but not quite sure how to get started?

In these three 30-minute one-on-one FaceTime/Skype sessions with Casey, you’ll learn the fundamentals of establishing a personal meditation practice that fits your lifestyle.

Tools include but are not limited to personalized guided meditations, general mindfulness, discussion of goals/intention setting, breath work and mantra meditations. A focused awareness practice is a necessary part of healing & unifying mind body and spirit in the postpartum.

We are excited to help you get started!





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