Postpartum Fitness Programs

We use the app TeamBuildr to push out our programming for: Cesarean Specific and Postpartum Return to Fitness. This allows us to provide the most up to date program to all of our clients, online and in person, at any time! After purchasing a program, you will receive access to our TeamBuildr App within 24 hours. If you do not, email us at


Program Overview

All of our postpartum programs start with bodyweight movement and slowly progress towards using weights and dynamic movement. We focus on reestablishing a neuromuscular connection in the postpartum body, particularly the anterior oblique sling (obliques with opposite adductor); rebuilding core stability; creating muscular endurance; and helping mothers feel strong in the postpartum. Our goal is for you to feel more functional and healthier than you did before you started our programs!

Each program includes a core stability progression, balance progression, workout specific mobility work, strength training, and conditioning/cardio training. Programs include options for substitutions, such as if equipment is not available or baby needs to be held! We also provide continual support with our private Facebook Group!

These programs are appropriate for mothers who are at least 6-weeks postpartum and cleared by their medical provider. In addition, this program is not a replacement for seeking rehabilitative care from a physical therapist or medical provider.

Required Equipment


Minimum requirements for our programming include:

  • Resistance Bands (Thick, Medium, Thin, Ultrathin) or Therabands

  • Mini-Resistance Bands

  • Light & Heavy Dumbbells or Kettlebells

  • Pilates Ball

Optional Equipment:

  • Barbell & Bumper Plates (10, 15, 25)

  • Crossover Symmetry

  • Bench/Box

  • Sandbag

  • Rower/Ski Erg

  • Sled