Prenatal Fitness Programs

Our prenatal fitness programs are designed to help expecting mother achieve continued functional movement throughout pregnancy with strength and intention. Our programs include: pregnancy safe core training to achieve prolong core stability, posterior chain focused strength training to support postural adaptations from pregnancy, and conditioning to meet the stamina demands of pregnancy and labor. Each one of our programs offers trimester-by-trimester lifting guidance and modifications which can be repeated with new lift variations after each cycle.

Our strength program focuses on tempo movements to increase time under tension, while decreasing the load to meet the demands of pregnancy. The strength program incorporates two days of strength training and one day of conditioning each week, for a total of 6 training days. This program is recommended for athletes and women familiar with lifts such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, hip thrust, and other push/pulls.

Following the 8-week Prenatal Strength Program, we recommend starting the 12-Week Prenatal Fitness Program which focuses on muscular endurance repetitions and includes trimester-by-trimester lifting guidance. The program has strength and conditioning programmed into each day and includes cardio-specific training twice a week to increase aerobic capacity. This program is recommended for all pregnant women looking to incorporate a proven strength and conditioning program to help them move throughout pregnancy.

All our programs have been tested and refined in our fitness facility with pregnant moms just like you!