Romanian Deadlift

Split Stance Romanian Deadlift

Elevated RDL

Dumbbell RDL

Split Stance Dumbbell RDL


Babywearing Option:  Babywearing on the rear or front would be acceptable during this movement.  If front carrying, be aware of your baby's head and neck as you lean forward.  Option to hold baby into your chest as you do the movement in lieu of weights.

Points of Performance:

1. Option to use dumbbells (either in front or by your sides), barbell, or kettlebell.

2. Starting in an upright position, hinge backwards with the hips allowing the torso to begin to lean forward.  Keeping the back flat and shoulders pulled back, allow the weight to move closer to the ground.

3. Focus on the hip hinge as opposed to how close the weights are to the ground.  

4. Once the hips stop hinging backward (aka stop moving), stop the movement downward and stand back up.  Once the hip hinge has stopped, if you continue to move downwards you will simply round in the back.

5. Inhale as you lower, and exhale as you stand up.

6. For split stance, put most of the weight of your body into the front leg.  Focus on pulling that front leg's hip back.