Horizontal Rows: Bilateral

Banded Rows | Isometric push Rows | Single sided rows

Bent Over Row

Seesaw Row

Elevated Seesaw Row

Supported Row


Babywearing Option: You can babywear for the dumbbell rows or banded rows, but there is an option to do baby weighted rows instead of either movement if babywearing isn't feasible today.  See last video for baby rows.

Points of Performance:

Focus on keeping the ribs and pelvis in line with one another throughout all movements.  We want the torso to stay in it's stable position throughout the entire pull and release.  Focus on keeping the hips and shoulders level as you pull the weight back.

Inhale as you lower the weight, exhale as you pull the weight back while lifting the pelvic floor.

Slight bend in the knees for the bent over row; option to use two dumbbells instead of a barbell for the bent over row.

Optional to use the bench or box as support for dumbbell rows; it is more difficult to do a dumbbell row without support.