Shoulder Lateral Band Walks (Supported)

Shoulder Band Walks (Bear Position: Lateral, Forward, Backwards)


Points of Performance:

  • Choose the option that best suits you. Supported requires less core stability and will be easier to complete.

  • Supported:

    • Hinge forward at the waist, ensuring the back is flat. Place hands on a raise surface so that the torso is parallel to the ground.

    • Move one hand a few inches outwards, then return back to the starting point. Repeat for the number of prescribed repetitions. Then complete on the other side.

  • Bear Position:

    • Start in the bear crawl position; hands stacked under shoulders, knees under hips. Shins are parallel to the ground. Focus on keeping the shoulders and hips level as you move.

    • Move laterally in one direction for the prescribed number of repetitions, then in the other direction.

    • Then move forward for the prescribed number of repetitions, keeping tension in the band. The band should not collapse in between your arms.

    • Then move backwards to finish the exercise.