Step Ups

Alternating Box Step Ups

Crossover Step Ups

Lateral Box Step Up

Front Rack Carry Step Up + One-Sided Carry (Alternating, Lateral, and Crossover)

Lateral Ski Hops


Babywearing Options:  All step up can be completed while babywearing.  For Lateral Ski Hops, it may be better to place baby on the ground next to you or front carry so you can support their head as needed.

Points of Performance:

1. All step ups can be completed weighted or unweighted. Your baby counts as weight! 

2. Focus on keeping the torso square and upright as you step up onto the box.  

3. You can do all repetitions on one leg, then switch sides or alternate legs.

4.  If you are having trouble from leaning side to side as you step up, or having trouble avoiding an excessive lean forward, drop weight or go unweighted.

5. Think about the movement of the knee; keep the knee stacked over the ankle and monitor if the knee shifts inwards or outwards as you step up or lower.

6.  Keep the weight in the foot that is on the box for both stepping up and lowering; the more you use the leg on the box to control your rise or descent, the harder the movement will be!