Suitcase Deadlift


Points of Performance:

  1. Focus on keeping the feet planted throughout the entire movement; there may be a tendency to shift the foot inwards or outwards as you move.

  2. Engage in the lat and shoulder to keep the weight close to the body. Sometimes having the palm face the side of your body helps to keep the shoulder engaged.

  3. Keep the knee stackers over the ankle as you push the hips back; the knee and hip will move into flexion while the ankle stays neutral.

  4. Focus on keeping the shoulders and hips square as you lift up and lower the weight. There may be a tendency to push the hips away from the weight and drop the shoulder that is holding the weight.

  5. Exhale on exertion, don't hold the breath. When you exhale, focus on lifting the pelvic floor.

  6. Hinge at the hip, pushing the booty backwards. Once movement back stops, stop going down with the weight. Once hip movement stops, the back will begin to round if you continue to move down with the weight.

  7. Goal is to feel it in the hamstring and glute, not get the weight to the ground.