the mamas in us honors the mama in you

Birth Doula DONA


Enhancing mama's birth experience through emotional support, physical comfort, and acting as your advocate to your birth team. We are here to support you and your support team through your labor and delivery. Birth doula services will include 1-2 prenatal visits, continuous labor support, a postpartum visit, and on call support 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date.

Clients that also attend MamasteFit Prenatal Fitness Training will receive additional prenatal support with their doula at our studio.

We would use Gina again for our next birth! We couldn’t have done it without her, and it was completely worth it to us. If we had the choice to go back and do it again, we would still hire her!”

-The Doulas of Mamaste Birth Client

“Witnessing Jessie sway and vocalize with the laboring mother was breathtaking. I have no words to describe the beauty that was shared between doula and mother during each surge. Jessie holds space for each mother, and allows them to feel strong and powerful during their labors.”

-Labor and Delivery Nurse

“Gina worked flawlessly hand in hand with my husband during my birth. She supported him and guided him in a way to better help me. She also advocated for me and the birth that I was capable of achieving!”

-The Doulas of Mamaste Birth Client

Labor Prep

Labor Prep Workout

Starting in the third trimester, our prenatal programming incorporates a workout designed to help our prenatal mamas prepare for labor! During these workouts, we incorporate exercise induced stress and guided relaxation sequences to help mama learn a conditioned relaxation response to stress.

We explore various laboring positions and introduce labor comfort measures, so that she can discover which methods she prefers.

We will guide mama through a relaxation sequence as we apply manual pressure techniques to help relieve tension, and establish a ritual for her to utilize during labor.

We encourage her partner and/or support team members to attend these workouts with her, as we can coach her support team on how to help her into these laboring positions, guide her through a relaxation sequence, and teach them how to incorporate labor comfort measures to help relieve pressure and tension.

These workouts are an opportunity for us as birth doulas to establish a closer relationship with our prenatal clients, so that we can better emotionally and physically support her continuously throughout labor.

Prenatal & Childbirth Education Courses

Our childbirth education course is based on the Lamaze International Six Healthy Birth Practices.

This prenatal and birth education course is designed to help women take charge of their bodies and their pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum experience by providing information and resources that will allow them to make informed decisions that support their individual family’s unique journey. We want to help mama and her partner make the decisions that work best for their family.
This course begins with navigating pregnancy, particularly the third trimester. Then we will transition towards understanding labor & birth through both the physical and mindset. We will help families become advocates for their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. We will then progress into understanding the early postpartum period after your baby begins life on the outside.

Our One-Day Intensive Course is 5 hours and Includes:

  • Birth Anatomy, Labor Timeline, and Preferences

  • Comfort & Balance During Pregnancy

  • Labor Comfort Measures (Relaxation, Positions, Tools)

  • Includes the official Spinning Babies® Parent Class module!

One-Day Intensive Course Dates: August 11, September 22, and October 20.

What is Spinning Babies®??

Spinning Babies® Certified Parent Educators teach the in-person Spinning Babies® Parent Class.
During labor the baby needs to pass through the three levels of the pelvis. Learn techniques to help your pelvis and it’s muscles that support or restrict your pelvic levels. Together, you and your birth partner can use these techniques before and during labor to help “make room for baby!” Spinning Babies reveals how the baby can find optimal positions for labor, and make birth less painful, and even pleasurable! This class is for expectant parents only.

Childbirth Education Moore County

Childbirth Education Private Class

Our childbirth education course is based on the Lamaze International Six Healthy Birth Practices. We include topics such as: Birth Anatomy, the Process of Birth, Understanding your Birth Options & Developing your Birth/Postpartum Plan, Balance for Pregnancy and Birth, and Labor Comfort Techniques.

Private Class Rate: $300

Couples Massage for Pregnancy and Birth Add On:

$95 in home | $80 at office or gym

If you have multiple couples that are interested in a class in a private setting, please contact us for a discounted rate.

Everything with the Doulas of Mamaste has been wonderful, but the private in-home birth class was amazing. We were able to go at our own pace, focus on the information that was relevant to us, and take plenty of breaks. We are both first-time parents, and the birth class gave us the peace of mind to feel prepared. I highly recommend it!
— Birth Doula Client

Meet our birth doula team!

MamasteFit provides prenatal and postpartum fitness programming for the Moore County community, and now offers birth doula services through our branch: The Doulas of Mamaste.  

MamasteFit Founder & Head Coach, Gina Conley, and Assistant Coach, Jessie Donohue, build our birth doula team.  Our doula team provides fitness coaching to prepare prenatal mothers to physically and mentally meet the demands of labor, and birth doula services to physically and emotionally support mothers and their birth team during labor and birth.

Through their own prenatal & postpartum journey, Gina & Jessie have learned the importance of moving with intention and purpose during pregnancy, to feel safe and supported during labor and birth, and the absolute necessity to honor the postpartum period with mindful, intentional recovery and rehabilitation.

We want to enhance the birth experience of our mamas, and help her support team best support the laboring mother.  We advocate for our mamas, and want to help families make informed decisions in regards to their birth experience.  We are so grateful to have the opportunity to support mothers throughout their entire motherhood transition--pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum.  

Mamaste, the mamas in us honors the mama in you.


Proudly Serving the Following Areas:

Fort Bragg | Southern Pines | Pinehurst | Aberdeen | Carthage | Whispering Pines | Fayetteville| Cameron | Spring Lake | Raeford | Hope Mills | Sanford

and within Moore, Cumberland, Harnett, and Hoke Counties.

We attend home births and births at the following hospitals:

Womack Army Medical Center | First Health Moore Regional | Cape Fear Valley Hospital | Central Carolina Hospital