Week 12


Welcome to Week 12 of the Postpartum Return to Running Program!  

This is the final week of leg blasters, plyometrics 3, and one day of interval running.  Next week, we will progress to three days of interval running and one day of plyometrics 4 per week!  Continue to focus on the knee and hip positioning during plyometrics.  Feel free to take a video of yourself doing the plyometrics (or any of the movements this week) to review for yourself or to post in our facebook group for us to review for you!

As the running time increases, pay attention to how you are breathing; are you lifting your pelvic floor during exhales while you run?  Also monitor any symptoms you may be feeling; do you feel pelvic discomfort or pain?  Are you leaking at all?

Focus on your form (ribs over pelvis) while you are running.  Sometimes there is a tendency to either thrust the ribs with a proud chest or to hunch over.  Both of those positions would take us out of neutral.  Pay attention to this if you are pushing a stroller; if the stroller bar is too high or low for your height, your posture may be affected.

If you feel that you need more time before progressing to next week, feel free to repeat this week as needed.  As always, feel free to split the sessions up into two separate sessions or days.  

Please give us any feedback on week 12!