Week 3


Welcome to Week 3 of the Postpartum Return to Running Program!  

Weights are being reintroduced this week!  Keep the weights light; if you know your 1RM, it should be under 40% of your 1RM.  You can use a barbell or dumbbells for movements, but if you want to stay with bodyweight, that's perfectly fine as well!  Additionally, this week we begin to reintroduce some hopping movement, ball taps! 

If you feel any symptoms during the movement, please take a pause and remember how many reps you did before you felt symptoms.  Evaluate your alignment and breathing, and see if adjustments there help alleviate your symptoms.  Option to record yourself, and send it to us for feedback.  If your symptoms persist, you have two options:

  1. Stop the movement
  2. Do less reps in the next round.  So if you did 20 and you began to leak, go to 15 the next time.  We want to train where we have no symptoms!  

This week's video will be discussing squat and hinge points of performance, as we will be beginning to move through a squat and deadlift progression over the next few weeks.

As a reminder, focus on your breathing: exhale on exertion, and remember to lift the pelvic floor!

Please give us any feedback on week 3!