Week 5


Welcome to Week 5 of the Postpartum Return to Running Program!  

Running is reintroduced this week in the form of 100m runs!  These runs are at an easy pace, remembering to monitor any symptoms.  Our squat and deadlift progression continues, and we introduce our low-impact sprint interval training (SIT).  We begin to move towards single arm movements, increasing the stability required of our core.

During SIT, if you do not have access to a cardio machine that would allow for low-impact, such as a stationary bike, rower, elliptical, then do option 2: kettlebell swings.  It is important that you take the entire rest period.

When doing the sprints, you should be at max effort during the entire length of the interval.  If you are having trouble maintaining max effort during the 30 seconds, either decrease the length of the interval (down to 20 or 15) or increase the rest (increase to 4 or 5 minutes). 

If you are doing the kettlebell swing option, ensure that you maintain proper form throughout the 15 seconds.  If you feel your form starting to fade, put the weight down and rest.

This week's video will discuss the reintroduction to running and SIT.


Please give us any feedback on week 5!