Week 7


Welcome to Week 7 of the Postpartum Return to Running Program!  

Plyometrics and running are here!  During plyometrics, focus on the knee and hip movement.  The knee should stay stacked over the ankle, and there should be minimal lateral knee movement. 

If you find your knee is moving in or out, slow the movement down and focus on stabilizing the knee.  The plyometrics will progress over the next few weeks; if you find that you are not quite ready to progress, feel free to repeat the week or continue with the plyos that you are currently doing.

This week's run totals 10 minutes of running, split up into ten 1-minute intervals.  The pace is moderate, so you should be able to speak a sentence before getting winded.

Pay attention to any symptoms or tendencies during the run, and focus on your breathing.  If you find that you are feeling symptoms, stop that interval and evaluate your alignment and breathing during the run.  Refocus on both of those, and if symptoms still persist, decrease the length of the interval to just before you felt symptoms.  Example, if you felt symptoms around 50 seconds, decrease the length of the interval to 45 seconds for the rest of the workout.

As always, you have the option to split up the strength and running/conditioning sessions into two separate sessions.  


Please give us any feedback on week 7!